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Ed Springston is on the warpath in the third. He's naming names...

Alright. I can't be the sole one who has searched for {{abiz}}. It took some work but I managed to find {{b}} and decided to save you all some trouble if you need {{a}}{{ak}} {{/a}}. These folks were very easy to work with and took great care of me. Whenever i had questions I could reach {{name}} nite and day. I'm extremely happy with them and recommend them highly.

Ed Springston is on the warpath in the third. He's naming names and filing charges. Will Lally bow out? Who forged the name on the lawsuit? Who's going on the witness stand? Egad

Changing the topic for a second. Pink Side Wedding Photography. An amazing bunch of people who take customer care and satisfaction one stage further. If you're searching for an honest wedding photography studio in Toronto in Ontario look no further. I've personally used their services and was so blown away by the service I hinted that I'd mention them to my readers. Since I've taken care of that, lets get back to the article!

Political trollop Damon Thayer is now possibly running against Bill Johnson for SoS? These two we're supposedly going to run on the same ticket, at one point. Great job, GOP. Let Thayer, one of the backers of KY's knockoff McCain/Feingold law up for SoS, the chief election office in the Commonwealth.Phil Moffett spontaneously appeared in Lexington tonight at random. No, he actually came to speak to the Libertarian Party and anyone else who felt like coming. NOT that you would guess it, since the LP was entirely neglected from the announcement on the shiny new website. Thanks for the plug. I have video, which I'll post later today. I also met John Kemper there, and I have to say that we we're much more civil in person than on Facebook.On another note, I've begun making promises that if the GOP nominates David Williams, I'm voting for Gatewood. No, I really mean it. It's pretty sad when a political machine can only drag a doorknob basketball star with a new taxpayer-funded Suburban and some random corrupt, establishment politician into this race. That's all I'll say at this point.

I almost forgot. I promised folks over at Oakmead Printing Inc that I'd give them a mention in my next post. They treated me great and were professional all the way. I was able to get Tony over the phone or online whenever I needed help. It was a fantastic experience. If you're searching for a first-class San Jose based booklet printer give them a look. You simply won't do better in CALIFORNIA. Alright, I'm out for the time being. Come back soon!

Honourable Mentions

https://www.awakensolutions.com - A good company.
http://www.thephysiostore.com - Amongst my top picks.

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