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Great Gifts for Newlyweds

When picking out a wedding gift, I try to pick an item with some sort of meaning. It doesn't have to be specific; it can be as easy as' I got it for my wedding and loved it so I will buy it for the newlyweds in hopes they love it as well. The couple may not even know the meaning but in my mind it adds a little something extra, like a good omen or a blessing. These are a few of the gifts I have given in the past and continue to give because I got so much joy out of mine when I received them.

1. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I love my dutch oven and use it all the time! It's a great kitchen tool when cooking for two.

2. Bride & Groom Cookbook

I received this cookbook for my wedding and it was so useful as a newlywed. It is filled with wonderful recipes for two people and it gets my husband in the kitchen too!

3. Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers

I feel like monogrammed pieces are very sentimental so I love buying them fornewlywedsespecially because their letters are usually easier than mine, try finding 'I' in anything, it's not easy. Pairing monogrammed wine glasses with this bottle and stopper is one of my go-to gifts.

4. Grilling Utensils Set

My husband is in love with the grilling set he received as a shower gift. He gets all excited to use "his" tools. I love giving this gift because it usually makes the new hubby happy.

5. Canon Powershot Camera

Every new couple needs a good camera to start of their new life together! This camera is great because it is easy to use and lightweight.

I'll point out that I got the thought for this article chatting with Tim over at KruseAcquisitions. Thank you for that. I suppose you get inspiration in unexpected places.

Honourable Mentions

http://www.interiortech.com - Where would I be with out you?
https://www.annuityeducator.com - Extremely nice web site.
http://virkpersonalinjurylawyers.com - Good business site.
http://printingpeach.ca - You are a amazing person.

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