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How to Make Money With a Blog

First of all, in case you did not know or do not have a teenager in the house the word "blog" is a shortened morph of the words "web log". It's where you write about something on your mind and maybe people will read it. Anyone can have their own blog for free from many places including probably the two biggest, Blogspot and WordPress or probably the fastest up and comer and my personal favorite is Empower Network. The purpose of this post is to not go into the details about setting up a blog. It's to let you know how to make money with a blog by getting people, customers, or prospects to come to you instead of chasing them down.

Yes you can write. It's easy.

Making money is the result, the "work" is writing stuff that people want to read. My mentor, Rob Fore, calls it Posting on Purpose for Profit. Many people have political blogs and blogs about the pets, and many kinds of non-money making blogs. Let's get laser focused and blog about something that makes you money.

It's out of the blue, I understand, but I am looking for some opinions. I enjoy the design of this page a whole lot:http://camdendesignsinc.com. I'm considering changing the appearance of my site to something similar. Opinions? Tell me what you think in the comments below. Anyway, back to your content.

How to Make Money with a blog is getting in front of these people.

Most people click on one of the links on the first page of the search results. But how do you get to the first page of Google? By using a technique called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Many people try this but Rob uses a technique he calls Predatory SEO. It's where you see who is already on page one and try to make your site "prettier" for Google to bump them out and put you in. A powerful wayhow to make money with a blogis getting in that top 10 on page one of Google search results. This subject is for another time.

How to make money with a blog -The 4 Keys

As I recently "relearned" in an Empower Network training video is the biggest sites in the world, Google, Youtube, Facebook, eBay people are 1. Searching for answers (Google), 2. Want to be entertained (Youtube), 3. Want to be social (Facebook) and 4. want buy stuff (eBay). Your blog should incorporate all 4 of these features. People who are searching should be able to find you, be entertained a little, be sociable and share your ideas, and best of all buy something from you. These are the keys for how to make money with a blog .

How to make money with a blog Be Yourself!

Good content is when you write about something you are interested in or better yet passionate about. Be yourself! You have value to bring to the world! You see things a little differently than anyone else. You have unique experiences and stories. You want to rant about the government. Your blog is where you get to do all this!! Ittherapeutic as well as profitable.

Let me mention that I originally got the thought for this posting talking with Jesse over at SR architecture. Thanks for the seed. I suppose you get inspiration in unanticipated places.

Honourable Mentions

http://hispersonalbest.com - Really good business site.
http://danielamaltauro.com - Extremely pretty web site.

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