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Are all head lice the same?

As discussed earlier this week, there is clear evidence of head lice found by paleontologists and archeologists dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. There are nits found on mummies' remains and in ancient combs and there are even indications that high priests in these time used to shave their heads in order to eliminate head lice . Close examination of these findings indicates that they are identical to their present day relatives.

Are all head lice the same.or do they vary?

Whilst todays head lice are descendants of the ancient head lice and have not shown significant evolutionary change, there are two types of lice that thrive more easily on different hair types.

Not all hair is alike. Caucasians , native Americans and Orientals have hair that is round when in cross section. By contrast, people of African descent have hair with a more oval shaped cross-section.

The most common lice to be found in the U.S are the ones that we're thought to have arrived with the early settlers from Western Europe who we're largely Caucasion. Understandably, these lice adapted to thrive with their hosts and to grasp effectively onto a round hair shaft. Because they cannot easily grasp onto an oval hair shaft it is unusual to find this strain of lice on black childrens' hair. For this reason, every other group than those children of African descent have struggles with head lice infestation .

By contrast, African lice have developed so that they can effectively grip to the oval shaped hair shaft. As a result, African natives are at higher risk of infestation by this strain of head lice whilst other communities are unlikely to be affected.

The result? Nobody escapes the risk of infestation by one or the other types of lice.

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